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μTASWako i30

Fully-automated microfluidic immunoassay system

µTASWako 🄬i30


μTASWako i30 is a commercially available microfluidic-based clinical immunoanalyzer for in vitro diagnostic use. The microfluidic technology minimizes instrument hands-on time while maximizing efficiency through integration and automation of clinical laboratory processes.

Key Features

Performance through technology
Speed, Precision and Sensitivity

  • Nine minutes to first result, two minutes per subsequent result
  • Throughput: 25 results per hour
  • Superb analytical sensitivity
  • Accurate and precise performance

Optimized Workflow Design
Efficiency and Productivity

  • Up to six analytes measurements per sample
  • Random assay selection per sample
  • Short setup time: 10 minutes
  • Two-hour walk away time
  • Automated calibration and quality control
  • STAT capability
  • LIS integration capability
  • RFID tag enabled reagent tracking

Easy to Use
Convenience and Automation

  • Ready to use reagents
  • Intuitive touch panel operation
  • On-board refrigerated reagents
  • Easy access to consumables and waste
  • Minimal routine maintenance


520 x 595 x 546 mm (W x D x H), 71kg

Ordering Information

Product code Product Name Pkg size
991-67202 μTASWako i30 1 Unit


Kagebayashi et al. Automated immunoassay system for AFP-L3% using on-chip electrokinetic reaction and separation by affinity electrophoresis. Analytical. Biochemistry 2009; 388: 306-311

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