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Complement Activity (CH50)

Autokit CH50For In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Intended Use

The Autokit CH50 is an in vitro liposome immunoassay for the quantitative determination of total complement activity (CH50) in human serum, using an automated procedure.


Liposome Immunoassay

Special Characteristics

Autokit CH50 is a homogeneous reagent free from precipitation due to small-size liposome (200nm) which gives stable dispersion. This reagent shows high correlation with gold standard, Mayer's method used most widely based on complement-mediated hemolysis of antibody-sensitized erythrocytes. This reagent is designed for general biochemical automated analyzer.

Principle of the Method

When a sample is mixed with the Liposome and Substrate, the antibodies in the reagent combine with dinitrophenyl (DNP) on the liposomes and then complements in the sample are activated by the antigen-antibody complex. The activated complements break the membrane of the liposome. The enzyme, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PDH) contained in the liposome, reacts with NAD and glucose-6-phosphate (G6P) in the reagent. During this enzyme reaction the NAD is reduced to NADH. As a result of this reduction, absorbance at 340 nm increases. The absorbance increase is proportional to the complement activity in the sample.

Complement Activity (CH50) Principle of the Method

Standard Procedure

Complement Activity (CH50) Standard Procedure

Application to automated analyzers and Package are available upon request

Ordering Information

Product Storage Condition Shelf Life
Autokit CH50 Liposome
Do not freeze
12 months
Calibrator Storage Condition Shelf Life
CH50 Calibrator -10°C or lower 12 months
Control Storage Condition Shelf Life
Complement Control -10°C or lower 12 months

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