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Total Ketone Bodies (T-KB)

Autokit Total Ketone BodiesFor In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Intended Use

Autokit Total Ketone Bodies is an in vitro assay for the quantitative determination of total ketone bodies [acetoacetate (AcAc) + 3-hydroxybutyrate (3-HB)] in serum or plasma.


Cyclic Enzymatic Method

Special Characteristics

Autokit Total Ketone Bodies is based on Cyclic Enzymatic Method without deproteinization in samples. Standard Method (measuring range 1.03-1000 μmol/L) or High Sensitivity Method (measuring range 0.16-200 μmol/L) can be selected depending on the amount of samples.

Principle of the Method

Total Ketone Bodies (T-KB) Principle of the Method

When a sample is mixed with R1 and R2, AcAc and 3-HB in the sample are converted to 3-HB and AcAc, respectively, in the presence of 3-HBDH, NADH, and Thio-NAD. 3-HB and AcAc produced in the enzymatic reactions are, then, converted to AcAc and 3-HB, respectively. During these cyclic reactions, NAD and Thio-NADH are produced. By measuring the rate of Thio-NADH production spectrophotometrically, the concentration of total ketone bodies in the sample is determined.

Standard Procedure

Total Ketone Bodies (T-KB) Standard Procedure

Application to automated analyzers and Package are available upon request

Ordering Information

Product Storage Condition Shelf Life
Autokit Total Ketone Bodies R1 Set Thio-NAD
2-10°C 12 months
Autokit Total Ketone Bodies R2 Set Enzyme
2-10°C 12 months
Calibrator Storage Condition Shelf Life
Ketone Body Calibrator・300 2-10°C 12 months
Ketone Body Calibrator・40 2-10°C 12 months

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