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Total Cholesterol (T-Cho)

L-Type CHO MFor In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Intended Use

L-Type CHO M is an in vitro assay for the quantitative determination of total cholesterol in serum or plasma.


Cholesterol oxidase-HMMPS Method

Special Characteristics

L-Type CHO M is not interfered significantly by other serum components such as high TG samples thanks to improving the ability of removing chyle. This reagent shows high correlation with CDC Reference method (Abell-Kendall method).

Principle of the Method

When a sample is added to the Enzyme Color A and B, cholesterol esters in the sample are hydrolyzed to free cholesterol and fatty acids by cholesterol esterase. The cholesterol thus produced and the free cholesterol already present in the sample, are oxidized by cholesterol oxidase (CO) yielding hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide formed causes N-(3-sulfopropyl)-3-methoxy-5-methylaniline (HMMPS) and 4-aminoantipyrine (4-AA) to undergo quantitative oxidative condensation catalyzed by peroxidase (POD), producing a blue pigment. The amount of total cholesterol contained in the sample is determined by measuring the absorbance of the blue color.

Total Cholesterol (T-Cho) Principle of the Method

Standard Procedure

Total Cholesterol (T-Cho) Standard Procedure

Application to automated analyzers and Package are available upon request

Ordering Information

Product Storage Condition Shelf Life
L-Type CHO M Enzyme Color A 2-10°C 24 months
L-Type CHO M Enzyme Color B 2-10°C 24 months
Calibrator Storage Condition Shelf Life
Multi Calibrator Lipids 2-10°C 12 months

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